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India is a country of possibilities. There are millions of places to be visited, experienced and explored by travellers from India or abroad. Those of us who have the possibility to travel are a privileged minority of the world’s population. The knowledge and understanding of that privilege should be the first thing to be understood when seeking to travel in a fair and sustainable way.

Fair India hopes to inspire you to travel more sustainably, socially aware and environmentally friendly. Just coming to India from far away, especially if you fly, will leave a massive ecological footprint. Therefor it is a huge decision to make. We do not want to encourage you to travel to India in an unsustainable manner or to consume more than you otherwise would have done, just because we give tips about places in India. But if you, regardless of where you come from and for what reasons, decide to explore India, we will inspire you to do so in a more sustainable manner. 

Radical bookshops, organic cafés and clothes made under just conditions by women’s’ groups are waiting for you to find them. Visiting these places will hopefully raise questions about sustainability, fairness, ethics and equality. India is the right place to ask the difficult questions about these issues and search for the answers. Enjoy!


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