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WELL stands for "Women’s Empowerment through Local Livelihood". WELL Paper was initiated in 2005 in South India as a tsunami relief effort, to provide alternative livelihood to affected families from the local areas. It gradually developed into a social enterprise model for women from neighbouring villages of Auroville and Pondicherry. Nowadays there are four groups of women who have been trained. Each group has its own profit unit in order to give them financial independence. The two main goals of WELL Paper are to provide self-empowerment and livelihood for women and to develop and promote products made of recycled materials.

WELL Paper is an Auroville unit operating in association with Auroville Village Action Trust.

You can shop from WELL Paper online or in Auroville’s shops in India.

WELL Paper

Phone: 91 (0) 413 2622 219, +91 (0)9442035583

E-mail: wellpaper@auroville.org.in


WELL Paper

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