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Thousands of Tibetans have fled the Chinese occupation of their country and now live as refugees in India. Most of them live in Dharamsala, where also the Dalai Lama and the Tibetan leadership and administration are placed. Here Tibetan clothes and products are made and sold to all over India in order for the refugees to get an income and for Tibetan culture to be spread. There are many Tibetan shops and restaurants all over India, but if you want to experience Tibetan food and culture and learn about the Tibetan struggle for independence, a visit to Dharamsala is a must! You will most probably be carried away by the humble Tibetan culture and people, the beauty of the mountains and the political struggle for a free Tibet.

Here we are listing some Tibetan restaurants and shops:

Phoenix Traders

No. 36. J.N. Street

Puducherry 605 001

Phone: +91 0413 2222008

Tibetan Market

By the lakeside entrance to Ryant Park

Tibetan food, culture and politics

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