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Trains are comfortable and you get an experience in itself by travelling the way most Indians do. Airplanes are one of the biggest carbon dioxide emissioners. If you have decided to travel to India from far away – go through your alternatives. Are there train possibilities? Could you travel with the Tran-Sibirian railway to Asia? Are there any ships? If you decide to go by plane, make sure to diminish the distance. If you for example are going from Sweden to India, you can take the train to a European city from where you can catch a direct flight.

Within India their are trains and buses everywhere you want to go – there is simply no need for domestic flights! The trains are comfortable, cheap and the most sustainable way of travelling, except for walking or cycling. To go from the North to the South might take a couple of days, so bring a book and enjoy your travelling companions and the landscape. If you want to travel comfortably, book a first class ticket, which is most probably cheaper than a plane ticket. Unfortunately it is no longer possible to buy tickets online with international credit cards. You can, however book through www.cleartrip.com. See Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRTCT) for more information on the railway system in India and how to book tickets.

Enjoy India by train

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