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Café Ethnic is run by the organisation Deccan Development Society (DDS). The food served here is based on millets. Millets are crops that traditionally were cultivated in many parts of India. They are integrated in the food systems, culture and lives of many poor communities in India, such as Dalits and adivasis (indigenous people). Millets demand less water than rice and wheat and no fertilisers or pesticides. They are also very nutritious. Therefore they are still today the food of the poor and a more environmentally friendly alternative than rice and wheat, which have been promoted ever since the Green Revolution.

At Café Ethnic you will be served dishes based on millets, which is an experience for both for your eyes and tastebuds.

Café Ethnic

Zaheerabad Mandal (100 km from Hyderabad)

Medak district 502 220

Andhra Pradesh

Phone: +91 8451 282271

E-mail: ddspastapur@gmail.com


Café Ethnic

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