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India accounts for 13 percent of the world’s milk production and is number eight       when it comes to meat production. This means that millions and millions of animals are killed every year, a number which is increasing since both industries are growing fast. The animals killed in the industry are mainly buffaloes, poultry, goats and sheap. 75 percent of the meat is for export, mainly to the Middle East. The killing of cows is banned in all but two states (West Bengal and Kerala), but the illegal market is big, much as a consequence of North America’s and Europe’s demand of leather. This has led India to become the largest leather manufacturer in the world. Animal cruelty in India, however, runs much deeper than the illegal trade. Animal rights activists say that the treatment of animals in both licensed and unlicensed slaughterhouses is the same and in both cases basic animal protection laws are totally ignored.

* Eat vegan/vegetarian food!

* Do not buy leather!

Animal rights

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