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Adivasis means the original inhabitants. There are 645 groups in the government’s lists of ”tribes”, but many more consider themselves being Adivasis. Adivasis have been neglected in the history of India and still are today. Many Adivasi groups have lived close to nature and are dependent on it for their livelihood. Therefore the exploitation of nature by companies is a threat to many Adivasi groups in India who feel that not only their livelihood, but also their identity and whole existence are threatened. The situation today is so serious that many Adivasis consider their only solution to join the Maoists (so called Naxals), who want to overthrow the government and introduce a class free society. The conflict between the Maoists and the government has left many Adivasis in the middle. Many have been killed and thousands have been forced to flee. 

Adivasis – the original inhabitants of India

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